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Motivation and Emotion

The Society for the Science of Motivation (SSM) is the official sponsor of Motivation and Emotion. The sponsorship gives SSM members free online access to the journal. It also gives the SSM a voice in selecting the journal editor and an ability to advertise SSM news and information.
Motivation and Emotion publishes theoretical papers and original research reports of either a basic or applied nature from any area of psychology and behavioral science, provided that the focus is on motivation and/or emotion. While the primary orientation of the journal is on human emotion and motivation, animal studies are also published, provided they are relevant to general motivation and/or emotion theory. To learn more about Motivation and Emotion go to the Springer website and find out more about the editorial board and how to submit.

Advances in Motivation Science

Advances in Motivation Science aims to become a premier cross-disciplinary outlet for cutting edge theoretical and empirical contributions in the area of motivation research. Each volume of the series will include a broad scope of engaging articles that overview entire research programs conducted by some of the most respected scholars in psychology. The series will be of interest to those with theoretical and applied interests alike and will lay out important directions for future research. Motivation research has long been and continues to be integral to the scientific study of psychology and this series will be the place to go for literature reviews of the most important work being conducted in the field.
Advances in Motivation Science series is published by Elsevier.
Here you find the current volumes:
1st Volume of Advances in Motivation Science
2nd Volume of Advances in Motivation Science

Motivation Science

Motivation Science is a multi-disciplinary APA journal that publishes significant contributions to the study of motivation, broadly conceived.
The journal publishes papers on diverse aspects of, and approaches to, the science of motivation, including work carried out in all subfields of psychology, cognitive science, economics, sociology, management science, organizational science, neuroscience and political science.
Primarily, Motivation Science features empirical papers on motivational topics, although theoretical papers and reviews of the literature will also be considered. To learn more about Motivation Science go to the website of the American Psychological Association and find out more about the editorial board and how to submit.

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