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The Society for the Study of Motivation is an international, interdisciplinary organization of researchers who study motivation. Its mission is to encourage inquiry into all aspects of motivation from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, and to facilitate the dissemination of findings to a broad scientific audience.

The Society for the Study of Motivation provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information, foster discussion of new ideas and findings on motivation among researchers, and encourage exchange and collaboration in research. It will do this through a list serve, online information exchange, annual conferences, and a journal dedicated exclusively to motivation research.

Open letter to motivational researchers by SSM members Arie Kruglanski, Tory Higgins, Richard Sorrentino, Rex Wright, Roy Baumeister, and Andrew Elliot.

Council of the Society of the Study of Motivation:
David Dunning (President, Cornell University), Peter Gollwitzer (President-Elect, New York University), Arie Kruglanski (Past-President, University of Maryland), Marlies Pinnow (Treasurer, Ruhr-University Bochum), Kaspar Schattke (Secretary-Archivist, Université du Québec à Montréal), Julie Huang (Stony Brook University), Arne Roets (Ghent University) and Idit Shalev (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

SSM Award Committee:
Kerstin Brinkmann (chair, University of Geneva), Patricia Chen (University of Michigan), Marina Milyavskaya (University of Toronto), Arne Roets (Ghent University), Marieke Roskes (Ben Gurion University of the Negev), Nicolas Silvestrini (University of Geneva), Mirko Wegner (University of Bern), Rex A. Wright (University of North Texas)

SSM Conference Program Committee 2015:
Emily Balcetis (co-chair, New York University), Shana Cole (co-chair, Rutgers University), Ed Orehek (local arrangements chair, University of Pittsburgh), Heather Barry Kappes (London School of Economics), Melissa Ferguson (Cornell University), Ed Hirt (Indiana University), Tali Kleiman (Hebrew University), Sander Koole (VU University Amsterdam), Kevin Ochsner (Columbia University), Esther Papies (Utrecht University), Aneeta Rattan (London Business School) and Garriy Schteynberg (University of Tennessee)

SSM Publication Committee:
Arie W. Kruglanski (co-chair, University of Maryland), Rex A. Wright (co-chair, University of North Texas), Ayelet Fishbach (University of Chicago), Michele J. Gelfand (University of Maryland), Tory E. Higgins (Columbia University)

SSM Elections Committee 2015:
Roy F. Baumeister (chair, Florida State University), Kerstin Brinkmann (University of Geneva), Geneviève Taylor (Université du Québec à Montréal)

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